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Room Name
Chancellor's Building Auditorium B
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 1
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 2
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 3
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 4
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 5
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 6
Chancellor's Building Seminar Room 7
15 South College Street Newhaven LT
7-8 Chamber Street 1.1
7-8 Chamber Street 1.2
7-8 Chamber Street 1.3
7-8 Chamber Street 1.4
7-8 Chamber Street 1.5
7-8 Chamber Street G1
7-8 Chamber Street G2
7-8 Chamber Street G3
7-8 Chamber Street G4
Adam House Lecture Theatre
Alison House Faculty Room (2.02)
Alison House Lecture Room A (204)
Alison House Lecture Room B (2.01)
Alison House Seminar Room (2.07)
Forrest Hill 1.B04
Forrest Hill 1.B09
Forrest Hill 1.B10
Forrest Hill 1.B15
Forrest Hill 1.B19
Forrest Hill 1.B31
Forrest Hill 1.B32
Forrest Hill 3.D02
Geography (Old Infirmary) 2.01
Geography (Old Infirmary) 2.05 Ogilvie
Geography (Old Infirmary) 2.13
Geography (Old Infirmary) 2.19 Old Library
Geography (Old Infirmary) 4.08 Geddes
Geography (Old Infirmary) 4.09 Darwin
High School Yards G.01
High School Yards G.02
High School Yards G.03
High School Yards G.04
Lister 1.1
Lister 1.16 Teaching Studio
Lister 1.2
Lister 1.3
Lister 1.4
Lister 1.9
Lister 2.1
Lister 2.14 Teaching Studio
Lister 2.18
Lister 2.2
Lister 2.3
Lister 2.4
Lister 3.1
Lister 3.2
Lister 3.3
Lister 3.4
Lister 4.1
Lister 4.2
Lister 4.3
Lister 5.1
Lister 5.2
Lister 5.3
Lister Lecture Theatre G.01
Lister G.09
Lister G.10
Lister G.12
Lister G.13
Lister G.17
Minto House Elliot Room
Minto House Geddes Meeting Room (3.61)
Minto House Seminar Room 1
Minto House Seminar Room 2
Minto House Seminar Room 3
Minto House Seminar Room 4
Minto House Seminar Room 5
Old College Lecture Theatre 1.264 (Adam Lecture Theatre)
Old College G.159 - Maclaren Stuart Room
Old College Quad Teaching Room G.158
Old College Teaching Room 01
Old College Teaching Room 02
Old College Teaching Room 03
Old College Teaching Room 04
Old College Teaching Room 05
Old College Teaching Room 06
Old College Teaching Room 07
Old College Teaching Room 08
Old College Teaching Room 09
Old College Teaching Room 10
Old College Teaching Room 11
Old College Teaching Room 12
Old Surgeons Hall G10 - Drummond Library
16-20 George Square G.02
16-20 George Square 1.1
16-20 George Square 1.10
16-20 George Square G.22
16-20 George Square G.23
16-20 George Square G.26
1 George Square Gaddum LT
21 Buccleuch Place 1.01
21 Buccleuch Place 1.02
21 George Square G.01
21 George Square G.02
22 Buccleuch Place 1.2
22 Buccleuch Place 1.4
22 Buccleuch Place 2.2
22 Buccleuch Place 2.3
22 Buccleuch Place 3.3
24 Buccleuch Place 1.01
24 Buccleuch Place 1.03
24 Buccleuch Place 1.04
24 Buccleuch Place 1.05
24 Buccleuch Place 1.06
24 Buccleuch Place 1.07
24 Buccleuch Place 1.08
24 Buccleuch Place 1.10
24 Buccleuch Place 1.12
30 Buccleuch Place G3
50 George Square 2.03
50 George Square 2.13
50 George Square 2.14
50 George Square 2.29
50 George Square 2.30
50 George Square 2.39
50 George Square 2.54
50 George Square 3.03
50 George Square 3.13
50 George Square 3.14
50 George Square 3.29
50 George Square 3.30
50 George Square 3.39
50 George Square 3.54
50 George Square G.01
50 George Square G.02
50 George Square G.03
50 George Square G.04
50 George Square G.05
50 George Square G.06
7 George Square F.21
7 George Square S.1
7 George Square S.37
Appleton Tower 2.04
Appleton Tower 2.05
Appleton Tower 2.06
Appleton Tower 2.07
Appleton Tower 2.11
Appleton Tower 2.12
Appleton Tower 2.14
Appleton Tower G.05
Appleton Tower LT1
Appleton Tower LT2
Appleton Tower LT3
Appleton Tower LT4
Appleton Tower LT5
Appleton Tower M1
Appleton Tower M2 Teaching Studio
Appleton Tower M3
Bayes G3
Chrystal MacMillan Building Meeting Room 2
Chrystal MacMillan Building Meeting Room 4
Chrystal MacMillan Building Seminar Room 1
Chrystal MacMillan Building Seminar Room 2
Chrystal MacMillan Building Seminar Room 4
Chrystal MacMillan Building Seminar Room 5
Chrystal MacMillan Building Seminar Room 6
David Hume Tower 1.01
David Hume Tower 1.18
David Hume Tower 11.01
David Hume Tower 11.06
David Hume Tower 11.11
David Hume Tower 11.18
David Hume Tower 12.18
David Hume Tower 13.07
David Hume Tower 2.18
David Hume Tower 3.01
David Hume Tower 4.18
David Hume Tower 7.01
David Hume Tower 7.18
David Hume Tower 9.01
David Hume Tower 9.18
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.06
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.07
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.08
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.09
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.10
DHT Lower Ground Floor LG.11
DHT Lecture Theatre A
DHT Lecture Theatre B
DHT Lecture Theatre C
Dugald Stewart 1.01
Dugald Stewart 1.17
Dugald Stewart 1.20
Dugald Stewart 3.10
Dugald Stewart 3.11
Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre
Hugh Robson LT
Main Library 1.07
Main Library 1.08 (Training Room)
Main Library 1.09
Main Library 1.10
Main Library 1.11
Main Library 1.12
Main Library VC Suite (1.15)
Medical School Teviot 01M.19 Meeting Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 01M.20 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 01M.27 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 01M.467 Teaching Room 11 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 01M.469 Teaching Room 12 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 01M.473 Teaching Room 13 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 01M.474 Teaching Room 14 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 02M.24 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 1.26 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 1.416 Teaching Room 9 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 1.420 Teaching Room 8 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 1.434 Teaching Room 7 - DW3
Medical School Teviot 1.9
Medical School Teviot 2.26 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 2.27 Tutorial Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot 3.3 - DW6
Medical School Teviot Anatomy LT - DW3
Medical School Teviot G.03 - DW6
Medical School Teviot G.04 - DW6
Medical School Teviot G.07 Meadows LT - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.09 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.10 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.11 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.12 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.13 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.14 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.15 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.16 Seminar Room - DW4
Medical School Teviot G.203 Teaching Room 2 - DW3
Medical School Teviot G.204 Teaching Room 1 - DW3
Medical School Teviot G199 Teaching Room 6 - DW3
Medical School Teviot G200 Teaching Room 5 - DW3
Medical School Teviot G202B Teaching Room 4 - DW3
Medical School Teviot G205 Teaching Room 3 - DW3
Medical School Teviot Lecture Theatre - DW5
Medical School Teviot Sydney Smith LT - DW1
Reid Concert Hall Auditorium
Charteris Land 2.02
Charteris Land 2.03
Charteris Land 3.02
Charteris Land 3.04
Charteris Land 3.13
Charteris Land 4.02
Charteris Land 4.04
Charteris Land 4.18
Charteris Land 4.20
Charteris Land 5.02 (5.2)
Charteris Land 5.03 (5.3)
Charteris Land 5.04 (5.4)
Charteris Land 5.15
Outreach Centre B1.01
Outreach Centre B1.02
Outreach Centre B1.03
Outreach Centre B1.04
Outreach Centre B1.05
Outreach Centre B1.06
Outreach Centre B1.07
Outreach Centre B1.08
Outreach Centre B1.09
Outreach Centre B1.10
Outreach Centre B1.11-1
Outreach Centre B1.11-2
Outreach Centre B1.11-3
Patersons Land 1.18
Patersons Land 1.19
Patersons Land 1.21
Patersons Land 1.26
Patersons Land 1.27
Patersons Land 1.37
Patersons Land G1
Patersons Land G21
Patersons Land G28
Patersons Land G30
Patersons Land G32
Patersons Land G33
Patersons Land G36A
Patersons Land G36B
Patersons Land G37
Patersons Land G38
Patersons Land G42
Patersons Land G43
Patersons Land G44
Patersons Land LG23
Patersons Land LG34
Patersons Land LG44
Patersons Land LG45
Patersons Land LG46
Patersons Land LG47
Patersons Land LG48
Patersons Land LG49
Patersons Land M1
Patersons Land M14
Patersons Land M16
Patersons Land M18
St John's Land 4.22
St Leonards Land 2.14
St Leonards Land 3.15
St Leonards Land 3.16
St Leonards Land 3.23
St Leonards Land 3.24
St Leonards Land 3.25
St Leonards Land G.4
Thomsons Land 1.15
Thomsons Land 2.01
Thomsons Land Godfrey Thomson Hall
Alrick Classroom 10
Ashworth Labs Honours Room 1
Ashworth Labs Honours Room 2
Ashworth Labs LT1
Ashworth Labs LT3
Daniel Rutherford G.27
Eng Sanderson Building LT1
Geology / Geophysics Room 304B
Geology / Geophysics Lecture Theatre 201 (Hutton LT)
Hudson Beare Classroom 4
Hudson Beare Classroom 6
Hudson Beare Classroom 7
Hudson Beare Classroom 8
Hudson Beare Lecture Theatre 2
JCMB Teaching Studio 1206c
JCMB 1501
JCMB 2901
JCMB 3211
JCMB 3212
JCMB 3217
JCMB 4312
JCMB 4319A
JCMB 4319B
JCMB 4325A
JCMB 4325B
JCMB 4325C - Teaching Studio
JCMB 5326
JCMB 5327
JCMB 5328 (formerly 5215)
JCMB 6201
JCMB 6206
JCMB 6301
Joseph Black Building G.69
Joseph Black Building Theatre 100
Joseph Black Building Theatre 250
Joseph Black Building Theatre 40
Murchison House 1.19
Murchison House G.04
Murchison House G.05
Murchison House G.07 Collaborative Teaching Studio
Murchison House G.09 Collaborative Teaching Studio
Murchison House G.10
Murchison House G.12
Murchison House G.13
Murchison House G.26 Lecture Theatre
Murchison House G.30
Murchison House G.31
Murchison House G.32
Murchison House G.33
Swann 7.15
Swann 7.20
Swann Main Lecture Theatre
Argyle House EW.09
Argyle House EW.10
Argyle House EW.13
ECA Main Building E22
Evolution House 5.21
Lauriston Fire Station Seminar Room A
Lauriston Fire Station Seminar Room B
Lauriston Fire Station Seminar Room C
Hunter Building LT O17
Hunter Building R2B
North-East Studio Building J03
North-East Studio Building J05
New College Althaus-Reid Room
New College Baillie Room
New College Elizabeth Templeton Theatre
New College Martin Hall
New College McIntyre Room
New College Oldham Room
New College Porteous Room
New College Senate Room