Remote Support

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Building NameRoom NameSupport TypeCovid Status
Chancellor's BuildingAuditorium ACMVMSpecialist
Chancellor's BuildingAuditorium BCMVMSpecialist
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 1CMVMNot in use
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 2CMVMSpecialist
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 3CMVMNot in use
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 4CMVMNot in use
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 5CMVMNot in use
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 6CMVMNot in use
Chancellor's BuildingSeminar Room 7CMVMSpecialist
13-15 South College StreetNewhaven LTCentralNot in use
16-24 West Richmond StWest Wing Teaching RoomNoneSpecialist
7-8 Chamber Street1.01CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber Street1.02CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber Street1.03CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber Street1.04CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber StreetG.01CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber StreetG.02CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber StreetG.03CentralStudent Study Space
7-8 Chamber StreetVariousCentralN/A
Adam HouseLecture TheatreCentralGeneral Teaching
Alison House1.08SpecialistNot in use
Alison HouseFaculty Room (2.02)CentralNot in use
Alison HouseG.10SpecialistNot in use
Alison HouseLecture Room A (204)CentralGeneral Teaching
Alison HouseLecture Room B (2.01)CentralGeneral Teaching
Alison HouseSeminar Room (2.07)CentralNot in use
Charles Stewart House2.2 lower basementSpecialistSpecialist
Charles Stewart HouseCheviot RoomNoneSpecialist
Charles Stewart HouseCuillin RoomNoneSpecialist
Charles Stewart HouseOchil RoomNoneSpecialist
Charles Stewart HouseTorridon RoomNoneSpecialist
Charles Stewart HouseVariousNoneN/A
ECCIBreak OutSpecialistSpecialist
ECCIECCI Conference RoomSpecialistSpecialist
ECCIThe AtriumSpecialistSpecialist
ECCIThe PodSpecialistGeneral Teaching
ECCITraining & SkillsSpecialistGeneral Teaching
Forrest Hill1.B04CentralNot in use
Forrest Hill1.B09CentralNot in use
Forrest Hill1.B10CentralNot in use
Forrest Hill1.B15CentralNot in use
Forrest Hill1.B19CentralNot in use
Forrest Hill3.D02CentralGeneral Teaching
Geography (Old Infirmary)1.23SpecialistSpecialist
Geography (Old Infirmary)1.26SpecialistSpecialist
Geography (Old Infirmary)2.01CentralNot in use
Geography (Old Infirmary)2.13CentralGeneral Teaching
Geography (Old Infirmary)2.02 Open Access LabSpecialistNot in use
Geography (Old Infirmary)2.05 OgilvieCentralGeneral Teaching
Geography (Old Infirmary)2.19 Old LibrarySpecialistSpecialist
Geography (Old Infirmary)4.08 GeddesCentralNot in use
Geography (Old Infirmary)4.09 DarwinCentralNot in use
High School YardsG.01CentralNot in use
High School YardsG.02CentralNot in use
High School YardsG.03CentralNot in use
High School YardsG.04CentralNot in use
Lister1.1CentralNot in use
Lister1.2CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister1.3CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister1.4CentralNot in use
Lister1.9CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister2.1CentralNot in use
Lister2.18CentralNot in use
Lister2.2CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister2.3CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister2.4CentralNot in use
Lister3.1CentralNot in use
Lister3.2CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister3.3CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister3.4CentralNot in use
Lister4.1CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister4.2CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister4.3CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister5.1CentralNot in use
Lister5.2CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister5.3CentralGeneral Teaching
Lister1.16 Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
Lister2.14 Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
ListerG.09CentralGeneral Teaching
ListerG.10CentralGeneral Teaching
ListerG.12CentralNot in use
ListerG.13CentralGeneral Teaching
ListerG.17CentralNot in use
ListerLecture Theatre G.01CentralGeneral Teaching
Minto HouseElliot RoomCentralNot in use
Minto HouseGeddes Meeting Room (3.61)CentralNot in use
Minto HouseSeminar Room 1CentralNot in use
Minto HouseSeminar Room 2CentralNot in use
Minto HouseSeminar Room 3CentralNot in use
Minto HouseSeminar Room 4CentralNot in use
Minto HouseSeminar Room 5CentralNot in use
Old College1.264 (Usha Kasera LT)CentralGeneral Teaching
Old College2.355 Inboard Room - Law onlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeB.11 - Law onlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeB.28 - Law onlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeCarstaresNoneSpecialist
Old CollegeElderNoneSpecialist
Old CollegeG.140A - Law onlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeG.159 Maclaren Stuart RoomCentralGeneral Teaching
Old CollegeG.166 - Neil MacCormick Room - Law OnlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeLeeNoneSpecialist
Old CollegeLG.11 - Law onlySpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeMoot Court RoomCentralGeneral Teaching
Old CollegeOld College QuadSpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegePlayfairSpecialistSpecialist
Old CollegeQuad Teaching Room G.158SpecialistGeneral Teaching
Old CollegeRaeburnNoneSpecialist
Old CollegeTeaching Room 01CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 02CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 03CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 04CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 05CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 06CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 07CentralGeneral Teaching
Old CollegeTeaching Room 08CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 09CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 10CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 11CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeTeaching Room 12CentralSchool Support Room
Old CollegeVariousCentralN/A
Old Surgeons HallG10 Drummond LibraryCentralGeneral Teaching
PleasanceVelocity Spin StudioSpecialistSpecialist
1 George Square1.1SpecialistSpecialist
1 George SquareGaddum LTCentralGeneral Teaching
16-20 George Square1.1CentralSchool Support Room
16-20 George Square1.10CentralSchool Support Room
16-20 George Square1.22SpecialistSpecialist
16-20 George SquareG.02CentralGeneral Teaching
16-20 George SquareG.22CentralSchool Support Room
16-20 George SquareG.23CentralNot in use
16-20 George SquareG.26CentralSchool Support Room
16-20 George SquareVariousCentralN/A
21 Buccleuch Place1.01CentralGeneral Teaching
21 Buccleuch Place1.02CentralGeneral Teaching
21 George SquareG.01CentralNot in use
21 George SquareG.02CentralNot in use
22 Buccleuch Place1.4CentralSchool Support Room
24 Buccleuch Place1.01CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.03CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.04CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.05CentralSchool Support Room
24 Buccleuch Place1.06CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.07CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.08CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.10CentralGeneral Teaching
24 Buccleuch Place1.12CentralGeneral Teaching
30 Buccleuch PlaceG3CentralSchool Support Room
31 Buccleuch PlaceVariousCentralN/A
40 George Sq1.01CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq1.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq2.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq3.01CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq4.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq7.01CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq7.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq9.01CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq9.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq11.01CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq11.06CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq11.11CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq11.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq12.18CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq13.07CentralStudent Study Space
40 George Sq5.05 VC RoomSpecialistStudent Study Space
40 George SqVariousCentralN/A
40 George Sq LTLT ACentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq LTLT BCentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq LTLT CCentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.06CentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.07CentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.08CentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.09CentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.10CentralGeneral Teaching
40 George Sq Lower HubLG.11CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George Square2.03CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.13CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.14CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.29CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.30CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.39CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square2.54CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.03CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.13CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.14CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.29CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.30CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.39CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square3.54CentralSchool Support Room
50 George Square1.01 Computer Lab 1SpecialistNot in use
50 George Square1.02 Computer Lab 2SpecialistNot in use
50 George SquareG.01CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareG.02CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareG.03 LTCentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareG.04 Screening RmCentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareG.05CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareG.06CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareProject Room 1.06CentralGeneral Teaching
50 George SquareVariousCentralN/A
7 George SquareF.21CentralGeneral Teaching
7 George SquareS.1CentralGeneral Teaching
7 George SquareS.37CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton Tower2.04CentralNot in use
Appleton Tower2.05CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton Tower2.06CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton Tower2.07CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton Tower2.11CentralNot in use
Appleton Tower2.12CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton Tower2.14CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton Tower4.05SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.07SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.09SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.12SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.14SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower5.03SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower6.06SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower7.02SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower7.14SpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower3.01 - Robotics LabSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower3.09 - WorkroomSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.02 - PPLS Computer LabSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower4.14ASpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower5.04 - Teaching StudioSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower5.05 - West LabSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower5.07 - Teaching SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton Tower6.16 - Informatics Student Services Meeting RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton TowerConcourseSpecialistSpecialist
Appleton TowerG.05CentralNot in Use
Appleton TowerLT1CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerLT2CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerLT3CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerLT4CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerLT5CentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerM1CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton TowerM2 Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
Appleton TowerM3CentralSchool Support Room
Appleton TowerMezzanine SpecialistSpecialist
BayesG3CentralGeneral Teaching
Business School1.12 - Computer Teaching LabSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolBoardroomSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolConcourseSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolConference RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolLG.17 - Computer Teaching LabSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolLT4SpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolMBA SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Business SchoolRoof TerraceSpecialistSpecialist
Chrystal MacMillan1.12SpecialistSpecialist
Chrystal MacMillanB.03SpecialistSpecialist
Chrystal MacMillanMeeting Room 2CentralSchool Support Room
Chrystal MacMillanMeeting Room 4CentralSchool Support Room
Chrystal MacMillanSeminar Rm 1 / Seminar Rm 2CentralGeneral Teaching
Chrystal MacMillanSeminar Room 2 (do not use see Sem Rm 1)CentralGeneral Teaching
Chrystal MacMillanSeminar Room 4CentralNot in use
Chrystal MacMillanSeminar Room 5CentralGeneral Teaching
Chrystal MacMillanSeminar Room 6CentralSchool Support Room
Chrystal MacMillanViolet Laidlaw RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Dugald Stewart1.01CentralSchool Support Room
Dugald Stewart1.17CentralSchool Support Room
Dugald Stewart1.20CentralGeneral Teaching
Dugald Stewart3.01SpecialistSpecialist
Dugald Stewart5.01SpecialistSpecialist
Dugald Stewart7.01SpecialistSpecialist
Dugald Stewart3.10 (do not use see 3.11)CentralGeneral Teaching
Dugald Stewart3.11 (now 3.10/3.11)CentralGeneral Teaching
Dugald StewartB.04SpecialistNot in use
Gordon Aikman Lecture TheatreGALTCentralGeneral Teaching
Hugh RobsonB.53 Open Access LabCentralStudent Study Space
Hugh RobsonB.54 Open Access LabCentralStudent Study Space
Hugh RobsonLTCentralGeneral Teaching
InformaticsG.07/G.07aSpecialistGeneral Teaching
Main Library1.07SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library1.09SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library1.1SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library1.11SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library1.12SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library3.16SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library3.17SpecialistSpecialist
Main Library1.08 (Training Room)CentralNot in use
Main LibraryVariousCentralN/A
Main LibraryVC Suite (1.15)CentralNot in use
McEwan HallFoyer 1CentralGeneral Teaching
McEwan HallFoyer 2CentralGeneral Teaching
McEwan HallFoyer 3CentralGeneral Teaching
McEwan HallFoyer 4CentralGeneral Teaching
McEwan HallFoyer 5CentralGeneral Teaching
McEwan HallMain HallCentralGeneral Teaching
Med School01M.19 Meeting Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School01M.20 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School01M.27 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School01M.469 Teach Room 12 DW3CentralGeneral Teaching
Med School01M.473 Teach Room 13 DW3CentralGeneral Teaching
Med School01M.474 Teach Room 14 DW3CentralSchool Support Room
Med School02M.24 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School1.26 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School1.416 Teaching Room 9 DW3CentralGeneral Teaching
Med School1.420 Teaching Room 8 DW3CentralSchool Support Room
Med School1.434 Teaching Room 7 DW3CentralSchool Support Room
Med School1.9 DW6CentralGeneral Teaching
Med School2.26 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School2.27 Tutorial Room DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med School3.3 DW6CentralNot in use
Med SchoolAnatomy LT DW3CentralGeneral Teaching
Med SchoolG.03 DW6CentralGeneral Teaching
Med SchoolG.04 DW6CentralSpecialist
Med SchoolG.07 Meadows LT DW4CentralGeneral Teaching
Med SchoolG.09 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.10 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.11 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.12 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.13 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.14 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.15 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.16 SR DW4CentralSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG.203 Teach Room 2 DW3CentralNot in use
Med SchoolG.204 Teach Room 1 DW3CentralNot in use
Med SchoolG199 Teaching Room 6 DW3SpecialistSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG200 Teach Room 5 DW3SpecialistSchool Support Room
Med SchoolG202B Teach Room 4 DW3SpecialistSchool Support Room
Med SchoolSydney Smith LR DW1CentralGeneral Teaching
Med SchoolTeviot LT DW5CentralGeneral Teaching
Med SchoolVariousCentralN/A
Potterrow ChaplaincyAuditoriumCentralGeneral Teaching
Potterrow ChaplaincySeminar Room 1CentralGeneral Teaching
Potterrow ChaplaincySeminar Room 2CentralGeneral Teaching
Reid Concert HallAuditoriumCentralGeneral Teaching
Block FExotics UnitSpecialistSpecialist
Block FF-Block WetlabSpecialistSpecialist
Block FLarge Animal Clinical Skills LabSpecialistSpecialist
Vet SchoolG.01CMVMSpecialist
Vet SchoolG.02aCMVMSpecialist
Vet SchoolG.03CMVMSpecialist
Vet SchoolG.11 Lab 1 (non LST)SpecialistSpecialist
Vet SchoolG45SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land1.02SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land1.03SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land1.04SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land1.06SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land1.19SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris Land2.02CentralNot in use
Charteris Land2.03CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land3.02CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land3.04CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land3.13CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land4.02CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land4.04CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land4.18CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land4.20CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land5.15CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land5.02 (5.2)CentralGeneral Teaching
Charteris Land5.03 (5.3)CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land5.04 (5.4)CentralSchool Support Room
Charteris Land5.11 Shared Learning SpaceCentralSpecialist
Charteris LandB.1SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandB.11SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandB.4SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandB.9SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandG.03SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandG.06SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandG.14SpecialistSpecialist
Charteris LandVariousCentralN/A
Morgan Laneb.09SpecialistSpecialist
OutreachB1.01CentralNot in use
OutreachB1.02CentralNot in use
OutreachB1.03CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.04CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.05CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.06CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.07CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.08CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.09CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.10CentralStudent Study Space
OutreachB1.11-1 (do not use)CentralGeneral Teaching
OutreachB1.11-2 (use this for remote support)CentralGeneral Teaching
OutreachB1.11-3CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons Land1.18CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons Land1.19CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons Land1.21CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons Land1.26CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons Land1.27CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons Land1.37CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandG1CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandG21CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandG28CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG29SpecialistSpecialist
Patersons LandG30CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG32CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG33CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG34SpecialistNot in use
Patersons LandG35SpecialistNot in use
Patersons LandG36ACentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG36BCentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG37CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG38CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandG42CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandG43CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandG44CentralNot in use
Patersons LandLG23CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG34CentralGeneral Teaching
Patersons LandLG43SpecialistSpecialist
Patersons LandLG44CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG45CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG46CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG47CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG48CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandLG49CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandM1CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandM14CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandM16CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandM18CentralSchool Support Room
Patersons LandM2SpecialistNot in use
Patersons LandVariousCentralN/A
Patersons LandVC SuiteCentralNot in use
Simon Laurie1.05SpecialistSpecialist
St John's Land4.22CentralSchool Support Room
St Leonards Land2.14CentralGeneral Teaching
St Leonards Land3.15CentralGeneral Teaching
St Leonards Land3.16CentralGeneral Teaching
St Leonards Land3.23CentralSchool Support Room
St Leonards Land3.24CentralGeneral Teaching
St Leonards Land3.25CentralSchool Support Room
St Leonards LandDance StudioSpecialistSpecialist
St Leonards LandG.4CentralGeneral Teaching
St Leonards LandMain Games HallSpecialistSpecialist
Thomsons Land1.15CentralSchool Support Room
Thomsons Land2.01CentralSchool Support Room
Thomsons LandGodfrey Thomson HallCentralGeneral Teaching
Thomsons LandVariousCentralN/A
AlrickAlrick Classroom 10CentralGeneral Teaching
Ashworth Labs1.03SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs54SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs80SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs85SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs88SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs150SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs250SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth Labs350SpecialistSpecialist
Ashworth LabsHonours Room 1CentralGeneral Teaching
Ashworth LabsHonours Room 2CentralGeneral Teaching
Ashworth LabsLT1CentralGeneral Teaching
Ashworth LabsLT3CentralGeneral Teaching
Crew109 - Meeting RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Crew302 - Meeting RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Crew304 - Meeting RoomSpecialistSpecialist
Crew AnnexeRoom 4CentralGeneral Teaching
Crew AnnexeRoom 5CentralGeneral Teaching
Daniel Rutherford1.03nSpecialistSpecialist
Daniel RutherfordB.06SpecialistSpecialist
Daniel RutherfordB.07SpecialistSpecialist
Daniel RutherfordG.27CentralGeneral Teaching
Eng Sanderson BuildingChemical Engineering LaboratorySpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingClassroom 2SpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingClassroom 3SpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingEngineering Materials Teaching StudioSpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingG.20 Mechanical Engineering LaboratorySpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingG.21 Mechanical Engineering LaboratorySpecialistSpecialist
Eng Sanderson BuildingLT1CentralGeneral Teaching
Eng StucturesStructures LaboratorySpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinElectrical Machines and Power SystemsSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinLight Structures Teaching LabSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLA - Kivlin SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLB - Kivlin SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLD - Kivlin SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLE - Kivlin SuiteSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLFSpecialistSpecialist
Fleeming JenkinTLGSpecialistSpecialist
Grant Institute232SpecialistSpecialist
Grant Institute339SpecialistSpecialist
Grant InstituteLT 201 (Hutton LT)CentralGeneral Teaching
Grant InstituteRoom 304BCentralGeneral Teaching
Hudson BeareClassroom 4CentralGeneral Teaching
Hudson BeareClassroom 5SpecialistSpecialist
Hudson BeareClassroom 6CentralGeneral Teaching
Hudson BeareClassroom 7CentralGeneral Teaching
Hudson BeareClassroom 8CentralGeneral Teaching
Hudson BeareLecture Theatre 2CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB1501CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB2901CentralNot in use
JCMB3210CentralStudent Study Space
JCMB3211CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB3212CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB3217CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB3315CentralNot in use
JCMB4312CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB5326CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB5327CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB6201CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB6206CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB6301CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB4325ACentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB4325BCentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB4325C Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
JCMB4325D - Computer LabSpecialistSpecialist
JCMB5323 - Research Seminar RoomSpecialistSpecialist
JCMB5328 (formerly 5215)CentralGeneral Teaching
JCMBLecture Theatre ACentralGeneral Teaching
JCMBLecture Theatre BCentralGeneral Teaching
JCMBLecture Theatre CCentralGeneral Teaching
JCMBMeteorology Teaching LaboratorySpecialistSpecialist
JCMBTeaching Studio 1206cCentralGeneral Teaching
JCMBVC Suite (2009)CentralNot in use
JCMB 1028SpecialistSpecialist
Joseph Black Building1.A04 - Inorganic LabSpecialistSpecialist
Joseph Black Building1.A10 - Organic LabSpecialistSpecialist
Joseph Black BuildingG.69CentralGeneral Teaching
Joseph Black BuildingG.A04 - Physical LabSpecialistSpecialist
Joseph Black BuildingG.A07 - 1st Year LabSpecialistSpecialist
Joseph Black BuildingTheatre 100CentralGeneral Teaching
Joseph Black BuildingTheatre 250CentralGeneral Teaching
Joseph Black BuildingTheatre 40CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison House1.19CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison House1.20 Open Access LabCentralStudent Study Space
Murchison House3.20 Blackford (non LST)SpecialistSpecialist
Murchison HouseG.04CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.05CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.07 Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.09 Teaching StudioCentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.10CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.12CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.13CentralNot in use
Murchison HouseG.26 Lecture TheatreCentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.30CentralNot in use
Murchison HouseG.31CentralGeneral Teaching
Murchison HouseG.32CentralNot in use
Murchison HouseG.33CentralNot in use
Murchison HouseG.34 CareersSpecialistSpecialist
Murchison HouseLG.01 Open Access LabCentralStudent Study Space
Murchison HouseLG.12 Open Access LabCentralStudent Study Space
Murchison HouseVariousCentralN/A
Peter Wilson Building155SpecialistSpecialist
Peter Wilson BuildingG1.28SpecialistSpecialist
Swann7.15CentralGeneral Teaching
Swann7.20CentralGeneral Teaching
SwannMain Lecture TheatreCentralGeneral Teaching
Argyle HouseD1 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseD2 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseD3 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW03 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW04 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW05 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW06 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW07 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW08 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW09 Training RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW10 Training RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW11 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW12 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW13 Training RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW14 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW15 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW16 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW17 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseEW18 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFEP4 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFEP5 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFEP6 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFW01 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFW02 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFW03 Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFWP1 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFWP2 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseFWP3 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHEP13 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHEP14 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP10 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP11 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP12 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP7 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP8 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseHWP9 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseK Brenda Moon BoardroomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseK Meeting RoomCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseKEP18 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseKEP19 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseKWP15 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseKWP16 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseKWP17 BoothCentralNot in use
Argyle HouseVariousCentralN/A
ECA Main BuildingE22CentralGeneral Teaching
ECA Main BuildingE26CentralNot in use
Evolution House2.13SpecialistSpecialist
Evolution House2.14SpecialistSpecialist
Evolution House5.21CentralGeneral Teaching
Hunter BuildingLT O17CentralGeneral Teaching
Hunter BuildingP7SpecialistSpecialist
Hunter BuildingR2BCentralGeneral Teaching
North-East Studio BuildingJ.03CentralGeneral Teaching
North-East Studio BuildingJ.05CentralGeneral Teaching
North-East Studio BuildingL.06 Ante RoomCentralSchool Support Room
North-East Studio BuildingVariousCentralN/A
New CollegeAlthaus-Reid RoomCentralStudent Study Space
New CollegeBaillie RoomCentralGeneral Teaching
New CollegeElizabeth Templeton TheatreCentralGeneral Teaching
New CollegeManson Room Open Access labSpecialistSpecialist
New CollegeMartin HallCentralGeneral Teaching
New CollegeMcIntyre RoomCentralNot in use
New CollegeOldham RoomCentralSchool Support Room
New CollegePorteous RoomCentralSchool Support Room
New CollegeRainy HallCentralNot in use
New CollegeSenate RoomCentralNot in use
New CollegeVariousCentralN/A
Royal ObservatoryLT C7SpecialistGeneral Teaching