Central Teaching Space

Use this page to browse information about all centrally managed teaching spaces supported by Learning Spaces Technology. Click on a room to find more detailed information.

Argyle HouseArgyle HouseAnnie Hutton Numbers EW.09LST
Argyle HouseArgyle HouseIrene J Young EW.10LST
Argyle HouseArgyle HouseMarjorie Rackstraw EW.13LST
CentralAdam HouseBasement TheatreLST
CentralAlison House2.02 Faculty RoomLST
CentralAlison House2.07 Seminar RoomLST
CentralAlison HouseA2.04 Lecture RoomLST
CentralAlison HouseB2.01 Lecture RoomLST
CentralAppleton Tower2.04LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.05LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.06LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.07LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.11LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.12LST
CentralAppleton Tower2.14LST
CentralAppleton TowerG.05LST
CentralAppleton TowerLecture Theatre 1LST
CentralAppleton TowerLecture Theatre 2LST
CentralAppleton TowerLecture Theatre 3LST
CentralAppleton TowerLecture Theatre 4LST
CentralAppleton TowerLecture Theatre 5LST
CentralAppleton TowerM1LST
CentralAppleton TowerM2 Teaching StudioLST
CentralAppleton TowerM3LST
CentralBayes CentreG.3LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 211.01LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 211.02LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 221.2LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 221.4LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 222.2LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 222.3LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 223.3LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.01LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.03LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.04LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.05LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.06LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.07LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.08LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.1LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 241.12LST
CentralBuccleuch Place, 30G3LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-81.01LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-81.02LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-81.03LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-81.04LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-81.05LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-8G.01LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-8G.02LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-8G.03LST
CentralChamber Street, 7-8G.04LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingMeeting Room 2LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingMeeting Room 4LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingSeminar Room 1LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingSeminar Room 2LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingSeminar Room 4LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingSeminar Room 5LST
CentralChrystal MacMillan BuildingSeminar Room 6LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower1.01LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower1.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower2.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower3.01LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower4.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower7.01LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower7.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower9.01LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower9.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower11.01LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower11.06LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower11.11LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower11.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower12.18LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower13.07LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerLG.06LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerLG.08LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerLG.09LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerLG.10LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerLG.11LST
CentralDavid Hume TowerTeaching Studio LG.07LST
CentralDavid Hume Tower LTsLecture Hall ALST
CentralDavid Hume Tower LTsLecture Hall BLST
CentralDavid Hume Tower LTsLecture Hall CLST
CentralDugald Stewart Building1.01LST
CentralDugald Stewart Building1.17LST
CentralDugald Stewart Building1.2LST
CentralDugald Stewart Building3.10 Peter Ladefoged RoomLST
CentralDugald Stewart Building3.11 - David Hume RoomLST
CentralGeography (Old Infirmary)2.01LST
CentralGeography (Old Infirmary)2.13LST
CentralGeography (Old Infirmary)2.05 OgilvieLST
CentralGeography (Old Infirmary)4.08 GeddesLST
CentralGeography (Old Infirmary)4.09 DarwinLST
CentralGeorge Square TheatreGordon Aikman Lecture TheatreLST
CentralGeorge Square, 1 (Neuroscience)G.8 Gaddum LTLST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-201.1 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-201.10 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-20G.02 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-20G.22 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-20G.23 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 16-20G.26 * (access at 19GSq) *LST
CentralGeorge Square, 21G.01LST
CentralGeorge Square, 21G.02LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.03LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.13LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.14LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.29LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.30LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.39LST
CentralGeorge Square, 502.54LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.03LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.13LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.14LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.29LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.30LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.39LST
CentralGeorge Square, 503.54LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50G.01LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50G.02LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50G.05LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50G.06LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50Lecture Theatre G.03LST
CentralGeorge Square, 50Screening Room G.04LST
CentralGeorge Square, 7F.21LST
CentralGeorge Square, 7S.1LST
CentralGeorge Square, 7S37LST
CentralHigh School Yards Teaching CentreG.01 Classroom 1LST
CentralHigh School Yards Teaching CentreG.02 Classroom 2LST
CentralHigh School Yards Teaching CentreG.03 Classroom 3LST
CentralHigh School Yards Teaching CentreG.04 Classroom 4LST
CentralHugh Robson BuildingH.R.B Lecture Theatre (G.04)LST
CentralLibrary, George Sq1.08 (Training Room)LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.1LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.2LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.3LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.4LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.9LST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.1LST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.18LST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.2LST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.3LST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.4LST
CentralLister L&T Centre3.1LST
CentralLister L&T Centre3.2LST
CentralLister L&T Centre3.3LST
CentralLister L&T Centre3.4LST
CentralLister L&T Centre4.1LST
CentralLister L&T Centre4.2LST
CentralLister L&T Centre4.3LST
CentralLister L&T Centre5.1LST
CentralLister L&T Centre5.2LST
CentralLister L&T Centre5.3LST
CentralLister L&T Centre1.16 Teaching StudioLST
CentralLister L&T Centre2.14 Teaching StudioLST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.01 Lecture TheatreLST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.09LST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.10LST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.12LST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.13LST
CentralLister L&T CentreG.17LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.19 Meeting Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.20 Meeting/ Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.27 Meeting / Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.469 Teaching Room 12 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.473 Teaching Room 13 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot01M.474 Teaching Room 14 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot02M.24 Meeting/ Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot1.26 Meeting/ Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot1.416 Teaching Room 9 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot1.420 Teaching Room 8 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot1.434 Teaching Room 7 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot2.26 Meeting/ Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot2.27 Meeting/ Tutorial Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, Teviot3.3 - Doorway 6LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.03 - Doorway 6LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.07 Meadows Lecture Theatre - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.09 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.10 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.11 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.12 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.13 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.14 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.15 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.16 Seminar Room - Doorway 4LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.203 Teaching Room 2 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotG.204 Teaching Room 1 - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotRoom 425 Anatomy Lecture Theatre - Doorway 3LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotSydney Smith Lecture Theatre - Doorway 1LST
CentralMedical School, TeviotTeviot Lecture Theatre - Doorway 5LST
CentralMinto HouseElliot RoomLST
CentralMinto HouseGeddes Meeting Room (3.61)LST
CentralMinto HouseSeminar Room 5LST
CentralMinto HouseSR1LST
CentralMinto HouseSR2LST
CentralMinto HouseSR3LST
CentralMinto HouseSR4LST
CentralOld CollegeG.158 - Quad Teaching RoomLST
CentralOld CollegeG.159 - Maclaren Stuart RoomLST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 01LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 02LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 03LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 04LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 05LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 06LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 07LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 08LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 09LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 10LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 11LST
CentralOld CollegeTeaching Room 12LST
CentralOld CollegeUsha Kasera Lecture Theatre 1.264LST
CentralOld Surgeons HallG10 - Drummond LibraryLST
CentralSouth College Street, 13-15Newhaven Lecture TheatreLST
Holyrood Charteris Land2.02LST
Holyrood Charteris Land2.03LST
Holyrood Charteris Land3.02LST
Holyrood Charteris Land3.04LST
Holyrood Charteris Land3.13LST
Holyrood Charteris Land4.02LST
Holyrood Charteris Land4.04LST
Holyrood Charteris Land4.18LST
Holyrood Charteris Land4.2LST
Holyrood Charteris Land5.02LST
Holyrood Charteris Land5.03LST
Holyrood Charteris Land5.04LST
Holyrood Charteris Land5.15LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.01LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.02LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.03LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.04LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.05LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.06LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.07LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.08LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.09LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.10LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.11-1LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.11-2LST
Holyrood Outreach CentreB1.11-3LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.18LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.19LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.21LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.26LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.27LST
Holyrood Patersons Land1.37LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG1LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG21LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG28LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG30LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG32LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG33LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG36ALST
Holyrood Patersons LandG36BLST
Holyrood Patersons LandG37LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG38LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG42LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG43LST
Holyrood Patersons LandG44LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG23LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG34LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG44LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG45LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG46LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG47LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG48LST
Holyrood Patersons LandLG49LST
Holyrood Patersons LandM1LST
Holyrood Patersons LandM14LST
Holyrood Patersons LandM16LST
Holyrood Patersons LandM18LST
Holyrood St Johns Land4.22LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land2.14LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land3.15LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land3.16LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land3.23LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land3.24LST
Holyrood St Leonards Land3.25LST
Holyrood St Leonards LandG.4LST
Holyrood Thomsons Land1.15LST
Holyrood Thomsons Land2.01LST
Holyrood Thomsons LandGodfrey Thomson HallLST
King's BuildingsAlrick Classroom 10LST
King's BuildingsAshworth LabsHonours Room 1LST
King's BuildingsAshworth LabsHonours Room 2LST
King's BuildingsAshworth LabsLecture Theatre 1LST
King's BuildingsAshworth LabsLecture Theatre 3LST
King's BuildingsDaniel Rutherford BuildingG.27 Lecture Theatre 1 (G.27)LST
King's BuildingsEng Sanderson BuildingLecture Theatre No. 1LST
King's BuildingsGeology/Geophysics (Grant Institute)Lecture Theatre 201LST
King's BuildingsGeology/Geophysics (Grant Institute)Room 304BLST
King's BuildingsHudson Beare BuildingClassroom 4LST
King's BuildingsHudson Beare BuildingClassroom 6LST
King's BuildingsHudson Beare BuildingClassroom 7LST
King's BuildingsHudson Beare BuildingClassroom 8LST
King's BuildingsHudson Beare BuildingLecture Theatre 2LST
King's BuildingsJCMB1501LST
King's BuildingsJCMB2901LST
King's BuildingsJCMB3211LST
King's BuildingsJCMB3212LST
King's BuildingsJCMB3217LST
King's BuildingsJCMB4312LST
King's BuildingsJCMB5215LST
King's BuildingsJCMB5326LST
King's BuildingsJCMB5327LST
King's BuildingsJCMB6201LST
King's BuildingsJCMB6206LST
King's BuildingsJCMB6301LST
King's BuildingsJCMB3315 (Training Room)LST
King's BuildingsJCMB4319ALST
King's BuildingsJCMB4319BLST
King's BuildingsJCMB4325ALST
King's BuildingsJCMB4325BLST
King's BuildingsJCMB4325C - Teaching StudioLST
King's BuildingsJCMBLecture Theatre ALST
King's BuildingsJCMBLecture Theatre BLST
King's BuildingsJCMBLecture Theatre CLST
King's BuildingsJCMBTeaching Studio 1206cLST
King's BuildingsJoseph Black BuildingG.69LST
King's BuildingsJoseph Black BuildingTheatre 100LST
King's BuildingsJoseph Black BuildingTheatre 250LST
King's BuildingsJoseph Black BuildingTheatre 40LST
King's BuildingsMurchison House1.19LST
King's BuildingsMurchison House1.20 Open Access/Teaching labLST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.04LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.05LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.07 Teaching StudioLST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.09 Teaching StudioLST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.10LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.12LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.13LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.26 Lecture TheatreLST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.30LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.31LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.32LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseG.33LST
King's BuildingsMurchison HouseLG.12 Open Access/Teaching LabLST
King's BuildingsSwann Building7.15LST
King's BuildingsSwann Building7.2LST
King's BuildingsSwann BuildingMain Lecture TheatreLST
LauristonECA Main BuildingE22 Lecture TheatreLST
LauristonEvolution House5.21LST
LauristonHunter BuildingO17 Lecture TheatreLST
LauristonHunter BuildingR2BLST
LauristonNorth-East Studio BuildingJ03LST
LauristonNorth-East Studio BuildingJ05LST
New CollegeNew CollegeAlthaus-Reid RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegeBaillie RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegeElizabeth Templeton Lecture RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegeMartin HallLST
New CollegeNew CollegeMcIntyre RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegeOldham RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegePorteous RoomLST
New CollegeNew CollegeRainy HallLST
New CollegeNew CollegeSenate RoomLST
LauristonNorth-East Studio BuildingL.06 Ante RoomLST
LauristonECA Main BuildingE.26LST