Teacher Instructions

Instructors can start a screen sharing session in a ‘Splashtop enabled’ room in less than a minute. If they wish to use their personal laptop devices, a Splashtop user account will have to be requested from their School IT team.

Splashtop Enabled Rooms

In a ‘Splashtop enabled’ room, the lecture PC already has Splashtop Classroom installed and ready to use. These instructions can be followed to start sharing your screen with students.

  • Launch the Splashtop Streamer by clicking the Splashtop Session Manager shortcut on the desktop.
  • When the streamer opens, click the “Sharing” tab along the left side
  • Adjust any settings you would like for the session and click the Start Sharing button. This will display the session manager.
  • Students can now join in by scanning the QR code on your screen (or the screen you are projecting to), or they can enter the four digit Session Code into the Splashtop app on their devices. Press the STOP button on the top right corner to stop sharing at the end of class.

The Session manager shows details about the current sharing session.

  • The Session Manager can be launched at any time from the taskbar, as shown in the image.
  • The names of the participants who have joined in are shown.
    • Each participant can be given control of your own PC by pressing the ‘Pencil button’ next to their name
    • Once control is given, they can use the mouse and keyboard on their devices to control your PC
    • They can also annotate over content
  • To reset Control, press the button on the left of STOP


Personal Devices


  • Splashtop account: Your school IT team can add you on as a Splashtop user.  Once added, you should receive an email to setup your password.
  • A Windows or Mac PC: Any modern Windows laptop or MacBook.
  • Eduroam connection: The screen sharing service only works on the university network.

Changing your account password:

If needed, you can change your password by heading over to (link only works on university network and with ‘https’). Use your old password to login and then change your password in the password tab.

Contact your IT team if you forgot your password.


1. Download Splashtop Streamer:

2. Initial, one-time Setup:

  • Follow on-screen instructions to install the software on your PC.

[Optional Advanced Features: Splashtop classroom’s advanced features allow you to use a mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet to present wirelessly by controlling your PC from a tablet and annotating over the content directly. These features are currently not supported but users with access to a tablet and willingness to learn and use these features can follow more advanced instruction here.]

3. Launch Splashtop steamer for the first time:

You will need to enter your login details the first time you run Splashtop Streamer.

First, make sure that you see three input fields – Splashop Center, Email and Password.

In case you don’t see Splashtop Center option, toggle to enterprise by clicking ‘Login to Splashtop Enterprise’ option on the bottom right corner:

Fill in the following information:

  1. Splashtop Center:
  2. Your email address for Splashtop
  3. Password

4. Start Sharing

You can now follow instructions above to start a sharing session from the Sharing tab along the left side.

If you didn’t install the Session Add On Module, you will be prompted:


It is recommended that you follow the prompt and install the Add-on manager for a smooth performance.