Student Instructions

Whilst students can install the Splashtop Classroom app on their Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android or iOS devices, the app is preinstalled on the lab PCs.

On managed PCs

Students can follow these instructions on university managed PCs to join a sharing session:

  • Launch Google Chrome browser.
  • Open a new tab and click Apps   on the top left corner.
  • Launch Splashtop Classroom from the list of apps.
  • IMPORTANT: Click Settings on the top right corner. Make sure Use Splashtop Center checkbox is ticked.
  • To Join a session: Set Splashtop Center to Fill in the four digit Session Code provided by the instructor and your Name which will be visible to the instructor. Click Join to enter the session.


Using personal devices

Splashtop Classroom app is available to download and can be used on your personal devices as long as you are connected to Eduroam on university network.

On Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS, use the Google Chrome browser extension: chrome web store. Install the Splashtop Classroom Chrome App and follow the instructions above.

On Android and iOS devices, install the Splashtop Classroom app from the app store (Android, iOS). Once installed, Use Splashtop Center setting needs to selected.

Screenshots from an Android device.


Printable Instructions