Chalkboard Recording

Lecture Theatres that have a dual camera system enables the recording of written material on Chalk or Enamel boards using Media Hopper Replay. The cameras in these rooms default to a shot of the bottom boards when the projectors are both off, which means you can record them by just turning up and putting on a microphone.

There are two preview screens on the teaching desk that show what is being recorded on the two channels within Replay. Channel 1 on the Left and Channel 2 on the Right.

The AV system will automatically control what is being recorded based on what is being selected on to show on the Projectors via the Touchpanel on the teaching desk. It will also move the cameras to the most appropriate preset for each situation. Here are some examples.

Projector 1Projector 2Record LeftRecord Right
OffOffCamera (Board Left)Camera (Board Right)
PCOffPCCamera (Teaching Desk)
PCPCPCCamera (Teaching Desk)

Although the AV system automatically moves the cameras, it’s possible to override their position using the Touchpanel. On the right hand side is a “Camera Control” button, this displays a page that allows moving between different preset positions. A camera icon will also light up when a camera has been automatically selected. Below shows both projectors off, both cameras active and the preset page.

Below is an example of how the system looks when one source is selected for both projectors (Laptop VGA) and therefore a camera is automatically selected for the right recording screen.

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